W.A.STOFER was born in the hills of SoCal. in 1960. He considers himself a California Hillbilly and  was named after William Allen White, one of his father’s favorite writers and political figures in Kansas. William writes in several genres and on many different topics. William does comics and computer graphics, he enjoys playing the banjo and mountain dulcimer. William was the host of a talk radio show that featured guests who practiced all things related to the survivalist and homesteading movement. The show ended after a family loss and W.A. decided to write instead.
If you have followed his work you will notice hidden messages and subtle paradigm shifts in his work.
You can see what he is working on next by visiting the, IN THE WORKS PAGE.
HILLBILLY REVIEW is available as a free download. HR is how to deal with the daily challenges of living an Organic life in these troubling times.
“I consider myself a Creativist, one who creates art with an activist agenda or using art to make a statement or point”
In 2014 Organic Publishing was launched to publish my own work as well as other Creativists, I was tired of the bullshit, print houses were laying down on people trying to expose the truth of what our World leaders had been up too. I started Creativism with many different materials in 2005, some of those works have been displayed on the internet, and others are shown in aficionados homes, I have sculpted in clay~steel~wood~leather, I use digital art and pencil~paint or what ever I have that I feel will bring out my message. Organic Publishing is a place for other activists to promote their mediums, not just printed art.
As of October 3rd of 2015 I have been bed ridden, due to Diabetic complications, I started my CBD oil treatments on the 20th and now I can walk again with a cane, and my foot ulcers have started to resend. I owe so much to this healing herb I want you to have it! I will soon be offering my own private brand on this site real soon!  I will be writing a biography on my battle with this disease, and my race for the cure!

CBD and Me is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I have been working on a collection of my political and dark poems,prose, and essays, I don’t have a tittle just yet but I am working on that. I have taken on another writing and illustrating  project, in the form of a children’s book. All art and songs will be created by me, something I have not tried to conquer in the past, so this should be a challenge for me in 2016.

Over the years I never considered publishing my poetry or prose, but I do read at slams and coffee shops and book venues. A fan approached me and said please publish these in chapbook form, and she was a book publisher. So I started vol.2 Poetry For The Thinking Man I plan on this publisher printing this volume so I can hand them out at other events, but we will see how it goes. So in a nutshell I will post the progress on this endeavor.


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